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It’s All About Great Products That Are Healthy & Taste Good

The main goal of the ADA (American Diabetes Association) is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. There are four aspects that the ADA uses to obtain this goal: 1) they fund research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes. 2) They deliver services to hundreds of communities. 3) They provide objective and credible information. 4) They give voice to those denied their rights because of diabetes.

The ADA not only helps those individuals with diabetes directly, but they also guide the individuals who want to aid others who are suffering by providing helpful resources. For example, this charity organization gives vital information to those who have diabetes by keeping them informed about the best food and fitness plans to maintain their health. The ADA also encourages people to donate as well as volunteer to help those who are affected by diabetes. I think one of the most essential parts of this organization is that they supply health professionals with the most current information about breakthroughs in diabetes research and treatment options. The ADA strives to prevent, treat, and cure diabetes by giving individuals the education they need by promoting awareness, as well as provide important research information to help cure diabetes.

“Power Player Magazine” should promote this charity because a major part of the ADA is to provide food and fitness tips to those who live with diabetes in order for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On the ADA website they have suggested recipes for well-balanced meals that people with diabetes should be eating. The organization’s website also focuses on how important it is to stay active by taking part in various fitness activities. The ADA also supplies expert advice about what food is best for those with diabetes as well as expert guidance concerning fitness management. All of these aspects of the ADA coincides with what the Health section of the “Power Player Magazine” represents, whether it is what new exercise product is on the market, what the newest healthy food item is, or an interview with a health guru. The American Diabetes Association is a charity organization that I would be honored to feature because I fully support their main goal, while at the same time, utilizing food as well as fitness in order to help those with diabetes uphold a healthy way of life.

The Power Player Lifestyle team had the pleasure of meeting up with the California Fresh & Fit team in November. Their team took the time to speak with us about their healthy food philosophy, meet their gourmet chefs and sample the various healthy cuisine they serve their clients. We give them the thumbs up for a great presentation and a great program for those who what to eat well and stay fit.

California Fresh & Fit gourmet meal programs are specifically designed for each person’s individual needs. Whether it be for weight loss, including those that don’t lose weight easily and need to take a deeper look into the way their bodies process specific foods, for performance athletes, or for children who need healthy, kid friendly food items that they will really eat, our scientifically designed gourmet meals are customized for each person to maximize individual results.

Their approach involves weighing out the macronutrients for each individual person based on personal goals. By portioning out each meal to the exact grams of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, each person will be consuming the appropriate amount of calories for themselves on a daily basis. Power up with them at: www.mealplans.net

Julie's Organic Ice Cream Sandwich: This extremely delicious organic ice cream sandwich is made with no artificial colors or preservatives. Not only is the vanilla ice cream organic, but the two chocolaty cookies that hold the ice cream in place is organic as well. If you ask me, this product tastes just as good as a regular ice cream sandwich, but it is healthier for you too.

Supercharger PranaBar: These bars are made with organic fruits and nuts. They also have the “supercharge” ability to keep your energy up and maintain your health. The flavors are: Blueberry Coconut, Goldenberry Goji, Mango Maca and Raspberry Pomegranate. This PranaBar is also made with goldenberries, which have a great flavor as well as high levels of antioxidants.

Back to Nature: Granola Cookies: These chewy 100% whole grain cookies are sweetened with cane juice, fruit juice and honey. They are made with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. The two flavors that these granola cookies come in are: Cranberry Pecan: these chewy cookies are full of tart cranberries and crispy pecans. Honey Nut: these granola cookies contain crunchy peanuts with a touch of honey.

Each month the Power Player Lifestyle reporters will place the spotlight on book authors who focus on HEALTH education. Take a closer look at these books highlighted above on Amazon.com. Read a great book, learn more about supporting your life each day.

According to The Office of Minority Health, African American women have the highest rates of being overweight or obese compared to other ethic backgrounds in the U.S.  It has been proven that four out of five African American women are overweight or obese.  Among African Americans the proportion of men who are obese is 80 percent higher then the proportion of men who are obese.  There are several elements which may have contributed to this growing epidemic within the African American community such as, an individual’s socioeconomic status, health disparities, cultural and environmental surroundings.  Is it safe to state that obesity has become the murderous weapon of mass destruction amongst African Americans? As African Americans are at greater risks of developing heart disease, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, and certain types of cancer.

BET Networks will debut an exclusive one hour News special entitled, Heart of the City: Dying to Eat in Jackson, hosted by Star Jones on November 15th, 2009 at 10pm (EST).  The magnolia state of Jackson, MS is stated to be the home of the U.S.’s largest population of African Americans, weighing in as the fattest state in America.  The prevalence of obesity among African Americans in Mississippi is even greater than the national average for African Americans, especially among Black women.  Star Jones states, “I am not the 'poster child' for a specific weight loss method but I am a true advocate for adopting a healthy lifestyle because with all humility, doing so has saved my life."  Star Jones along with the Senior Vice President of BET News and Public Affairs and a host of accredited expert guests will shed light on all the facts surrounding obesity in Black America and the efforts of those who are determined to shrug off their city's dubious distinction and is leading Jackson in a new direction to trim the fat.  For more on HEART OF THE CITY, visit www.bet.com/heartofthecity

On Sunday, November 15th, 2009, Nicole Sherwin Green Events and Wellness2Day.com, hosted a inaugural invitation-only GREEN LOUNGE event in Los Angeles, California at the eco-conscious Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. 

The GREEN LOUNGE event was a eco-luxurious experience, featuring a Wellness Symposium with speakers Alicia Silverstone (actress, author and environmental advocate), Debbie Levin(President of the Environmental Media Association), Jason Nelson (self-empowerment coach), and hosted by FOX 11 news anchor Christine Devine and Darren Moore (Alter Eco).

GREEN LOUNGE founder Nicole Sherwin states, ìHer vision and the goal of GREEN LOUNGE is to create a platform for the thought leaders of the world in the areas of environmentalism, wellness and philanthropy to share ideas and create proactive change in an eco-luxury setting.î

Influential tastemakers, and industry leaders in natural wellness and sustainability connected at the in Loews. Truly a stylish oceanfront atmosphere designed to showcase exclusive eco-luxury products: cosmetics, jewelry, furniture, fashion and accessories, baby products, clean diesel cars, private jets with green initiatives, eco-smart homes, printing with recycled paper and vegetable inks, a green gift-wrapping station and eco luxury services as well as learn new ideas, technologies and initiatives at the Wellness Symposium.

By ensuring the utmost efficiency in all areas of event production, including all printed materials, organic and locally grown produce along with the purchase of carbon offsets, GREEN LOUNGE is proud to be a carbon-neutral event.

GREEN LOUNGE was a luxury social and business-networking platform for brands, products and organizations and a think-tank forum to create broader awareness, network and generate new ideas and contacts in an eco-conscious setting. Guests mingled amongst VIP Green Suites where they can sample products, meet with brand ambassadors and truly experience the myriad of products in an eco-luxurious setting.

Various charities were in attendance highlighted by the speakers as well as other influential change-makers. Loews’ chefs and mixologists were present preparing specialty organic hors d’oeuvres, eco cocktails and freshly blended juices, all furnished by Whole Foods.

Celebrities attending: Jenna Elfman, Rosario Dawson, Macy Grey, Daryl Hannah, Elizabeth Mitchell, Billy Zane, Josh Kelley, Jason Kennedy, Reid Scott, Ali Hillis, Amy Smart, Malin Akerman, Mariel Hemingway, Jenny McCarthy, Darren Moore, Josie Maran, Daphne Zuniga, Vanessa Lengies, Ghalib Shiraz Dallah, Caryn Ward and Christian Campbell.

Partners in this venture include: Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Wellnes2Day.com, Whole Foods Market Santa Monica, Episencial, Terra Plana, Mike Sullivan’s Family of Dealers at LAcarGuy, Linda Loudermilk, B Green Apparel, Vodka 360, Frey Vineyards, Hastens on Beverly, Zvezda, Kalia Modern Eco-Living, Viesso, Celebrity Society Magazine, Coco Eco Magazine, Indulge Magazine, Big Red Sun, Green Earth Print & Design, Ecovations, Ecopep, D'Bodinus Eco-Luxury, Ecoskin, Soy Terrific Candles and many notable eco-friendly brands.

Be the change, support preserving our earth. It’s all about the power within to go green.

On November 5, 2009,  Screen Actors Guild Women’s Committee and Events of the Heart presented an inspired performance of “A Heart United” at Screen Actors Guild headquarters in Los Angeles. SAG members Garcelle Beauvais, Stephen Collins, DulÈ Hill, Sharon Lawrence, Lupe Ontiveros, Brenda Strong, JoBeth Williams among others participated in this collaborative staged reading, directed by Christine La Monte, to raise awareness and empower women to take charge of their heart health.

“The statistics are startling,” said SAG Secretary-Treasurer Amy Aquino. “Heart disease is the number one killer of women. One in four women have heart disease and every 30-seconds a woman has a heart attack. It’s important that we talk about this issue and reach as many people as we can to encourage preventative care.” Since 1984, more women than men have died of heart disease each year, and women are twice as likely as men to die after a heart attack, according to the American Heart Association. Nearly one-third (27.2%) of all female deaths each year are from heart disease-six times as many lives claimed by breast cancer. Almost half a million women have heart attacks each year, and an estimated 8 million American women currently live with heart disease.

Events of the Heart stages theatrical performances across the country featuring acclaimed actors that present important health information for women in an engaging and accessible way. Studies show women significantly reduce their risk of heart disease if they have information about heart disease, know the questions to ask their doctors, and receive the support to make heart-smart changes in their lives. Events of the Heart’s captivating platform, theatre, and the passionate advocates they recruit to sound this message prove to be a winning combination, performance after performance. “Women must take care of their hearts and that’s the message that we are helping to spread,” said L. Scott Caldwell, chair of SAG’s National Women’s Committee. “Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, and African American women are at a 35 percent greater risk. Our ultimate goal is preventative care and through the performances of our members, what women can do to take action against heart disease is spoken with emotion and clarity.”

“We are thrilled that SAG has graciously offered to host A Heart United at a time when women’s heart disease is at an all time high,” said Pamela Serure, co-founder and executive director of Events of the Heart. "We can’t think of a better platform to reach the entertainment industry than the Screen Actors Guild, and are grateful to the exceptionally talented cast of SAG members who have contributed their time and talent to this worthy cause," added Carole Isenberg, co-founder of Events of the Heart.

SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity advocates equal employment opportunities for women, seniors, performers with disabilities, performers of color and LGBT actors by providing advice and counsel to member-led diversity committees and educating/enforcing the non-discrimination and diversity provision. SAG hosts numerous programs and events to advance these efforts. The audience for this particular evening will be comprised of representatives of other unions, studios, networks and industry partners who will hopefully serve as ambassadors to their constituents to promote heart health.

Follow SAG Communications on Twitter and Facebook! http://twitter.com/sagnews and http://fblink.com/ScreenActorsGuild

JoBeth Williams

Brenda Strong

Garcelle Beauvais

Stephen Collins

Lupe Ontiveros

STOTT PILATES® For Life, Strengthening Postural Muscles While Achieving Mind-Body Fitness.

STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. Co-founders Moira and Lindsay G. Merrithew, along with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, have spent over two decades refining the STOTT PILATES method of exercise and equipment. This resulted in the inclusion of modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and effective methods available. This clear and detailed approach forms the basis for STOTT PILATES training and certification programs. So whether you are a professional athlete, someone in recovery, a teenager, an adult, female or male – you can experience the benefits of contemporary mind-body fitness with a willingness to try something new and an open-mind.

The STOTT PILATES Method is based on The Five Basic Principles; breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement and head and cervical spine placement. Some of the main benefits of STOTT PILATES exercise includes: longer and leaner muscles, improved posture and circulation, an increase of core strength and flexibility as well as enhanced balance, coordination, and body awareness.

Besides ever-popular Mat-based exercises, there is a wide selection of STOTT PILATES equipment that you can incorporate into your routine. During my research I was able to study the “Arc Barrel” – a sturdy piece of equipment that helps to modify or challenge a Pilates program based on your individual needs. By following the STOTT PILATES Complete Barrel Repertoire DVD, lead by STOTT PILATES Master Instructor Trainer and Executive Director of Education, Moira Merrithew, I was able to workout using this exciting prop and understand how it really works. I was intrigued by the STOTT PILATES method of exercise because I myself am no stranger to other practices such as Pilates and Yoga. Even though this was not my first encounter with this kind of exercise program, those of you without any experience will still be on the same track as those with some experience because the DVD is extremely easy to follow and understand. If you’re looking to diversify your workout, the DVD offers three unique workouts on one disc and incorporates three other Barrels (besides the Arc Barrel); Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel and Spine Supporter. Some exercisers, myself included, may find one Barrel more challenging than the next based on the severity of the curve, overall size, base of support and height. Try each Barrel out for yourself, and see which works best for you or alternate between them during one workout!

Right off the bat, the DVD walks us through a few warm-up exercises, which help you to prepare for the fabulous workout ahead. I like how the DVD starts off with more simple, less coordinated exercises and progresses to more compound movements that incorporate many areas of the body at the same time.  For example, the first few exercises focus on lengthening the muscles that tend to be tight, and improving body awareness and postural issues. “Arm Circles” and “Arm Scissors” were my two favorite warm-up exercises that helped prepare the shoulder girdle for the upcoming routine. Then as the DVD continues, the exercises are more about improving overall strength, such as the “Push Up”.

One of my favorite STOTT PILATES exercises is called “Single Leg Extension,” which helps individuals with tight lower backs and those who want to strengthen their glutes and hamstrings. The reason why I liked this exercise on the Arc Barrel was because it works to strengthen your hip extensors as well as lengthening your hip flexors in a tension-free position. Plus, like all Pilates exercises, it calls upon the abdominals for additional support. As the DVD continues, the positions become increasingly more challenging allowing you to zero-in on muscles that are rarely targeted in a more conventional workout routine. From my experience, one of the most difficult concepts within my first few days of STOTT PILATES training was the idea of stabilizing my pelvis, but I am proud to say that on my fourth day of using this DVD I was able to achieve this and apply it to my workout. The most impressive aspect of my research was that over the course of just 2 days, I could already feel that my leg and arm muscles were getting a good workout with STOTT PILATES. And after almost a week of using the “Arc Barrel” I felt more flexible and confident during my practice sessions. Overall, I recommend at least trying STOTT PILATES because it is a refreshing experience, especially compared to a workout routine at the gym! As I have learned, STOTT PILATES is designed for all types of individuals, no matter what level and each exerciser will see the benefits in their own unique way.